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More Exciting News – this time for Vet Clinics and Authorised Implanters!

Central Animal Records has added a brand new portal for Authorised Implanters and Veterinary Clinics. This area can be accessed by clicking the Implanter/Vet Clinic Access button on the upper left side of this page.
This new portal allows vet clinics and authorised implanters to enter your CAR subscriptions directly onto the database. We have streamlined this process to make it faster and easier for you to enter single and litter subscriptions! The new system ensures that the pet owner will receive a Certificate of Identification immediately after you the subscription has been submitted if their email address has been provided. You also have the option of printing the Certificate of Identification for the owner while they are still with you after the subscription has been entered!
You can also use the new site to search ownership details for lost pets by using the Microchip/Tag Search tab.
The new site also allows you to view subscriptions that you have previously submitted, print off Certificates for owners and view reunions of owners and lost pets that the clinic/organisation has facilitated in the past by clicking on the Vet Clinic Profile tab and click on Reunions or Subscriptions to view.

So we now have two new and valuable features available for our Central Animal Records users:

The New Central Animal Records Pet Owner Experience -easy owner log-in access to view and update your details and your pets’ details on-line for ALL pet owners at no charge. Once you have received your authorised log-in you can access your records at any time you like. Any changes you make will be immediately updated on the Central Animal Records database.

The New Central Animal Records Authorised Implanter Experience – easy Authorised Implanter log-in access to enter CAR subscriptions on-line with immediate database changes, print off Identification Certificates for owners immediately after entering the CAR subscription, view and verify all details of previous microchip subscriptions view and update account details, vie all previous reunions of lost pets and owners that you have facilitated in the past.
                                  …….and we have more exciting changes to come so stay tuned!!

Our aim is always to make your CAR experience as positive as possible so, if you have any feedback or suggestions please contact us at info@car.com.au 

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