Central Animal Records is excited to announce the new On-line Change of Animal Ownership feature which can now be initiated by either the current listed owner or the potential new owner of a pet!

So, you can now transfer ownership of an animal either into or out of your name.....

If you are currently listed as the owner of the animal on Central Animal Records and wish to transfer ownership to a different person or you have recently acquired an animal that is listed on Central Animal Records and want to transfer he or she into your name, then you can do this on-line by logging into your account HERE 

If you don’t already have an online account with Central Animal Records, you need to create an account and authorised login by clicking HERE

Missing For More Than 7 Years!!


My beautiful Maine Coon 4 year old cat went missing in March 2011 - he was an indoor cat that had escaped outside. We combed the streets, put up posters, checked local vets, the council, and animal rescue centres for months and months but no sign. As we lived very close to a bushland reserve, I was convinced he had been taken by a fox or met some other horrible fate.

On Wednesday this week I received a call from a vet clinic 40km away, telling me that someone had brought in a stray and the microchip revealed it was my long lost cat! 7.5 years since he went missing. He is now back home and it will be a little while before he is back to full health, but I am so grateful that he was microchipped and able to return home.

-- Laurel


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