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Central Animal Records was founded in 1989 and is Australia's largest and most experienced national companion animal microchip registry. We are accredited and licensed to operate across Australia under respective State and Territory companion animal legislation.

Our goal is simple - to provide a reliable, 24 hour animal recovery service for lost or stolen companion animals every day of the year! This service is available for not only dogs and cats, but also horses, birds, reptiles and other species to help ensure that your microchipped pet can be returned home from anywhere in Australia at any time!

We also offer authorised on-line access to pet owners and breeders to edit their own details and those of their pets. Authorised log-in access is also offered to vets and other authorised users or implanters to enter new subscriptions, facilitate reunions of lost or stolen pets, print Identification Certificates and view details of animals they have previously microchipped or facilitated reunions with their owners. 

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                                                        What To Do If Your Pet is Stolen

A microchip can be irrefutable proof of ownership of your pet but we realise that it does not guarantee that your pet will be returned if stolen. We are committed to helping you recover your pet in such distressing circumstances but we are limited in what we can do. If you notify us as soon as possible, we will put a  STOLEN "flag" on your pet's record that will immedietly alert our staff or any other authorised user searching your pet's microchip number on the CAR registry in the event that your pet has been found or brought into their vet clinic, animal welfare shelter or pound. You can even do this yourself if you have an authorised log-in to the Central Animal Registry website. 

There are other things that we would strongly advise you to do if you have had your pet stolen including the filing of a Police Report as early as possible. For other advice please click HERE

We also strongly advise all vet clinics that they should scan any new pets being presented to their clinic to check the microchip is present and functional and to verify the owner details for that microchip.

If you need further assistance contact us on info@car.com.au or call us on 03 9706 3187.

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