Updating Registry Records

Change of Animal and/or Address details including Desex and Deceased Notification.

If you are logged in to our website and you can see the ‘My Records’ link on the left hand column then please click on this link to update your pet’s details or your contact details.
If you are logged in and can’t see the ‘My Records’ link then this means your web access is not fully completed. To complete your database application please Click Here and complete the form.
We will notify you once your application is approved and you can log back in to see the ‘My Records’ link. This process takes about 24 hours because we need to verify your identity and protect the confidentiality of your information on our database.
Once you are fully logged in, any changes you have made to your contact information and animal details will be automatically updated every hour before you will see the changes appear on the live site. You will NOT be issued with a new Certificate of Identification every time that changes are made to your contact details or animal details. The changes can be verified by logging in to the website and viewing the new information more than an hour after they have been submitted. If you do want a new Certificate of Identification to be issued to you, you can do so HERE
Deceased Notification: In the unfortunate event that your pet is now deceased please Click Here to notify us so that we can update your records.
For further information about obtaining log-in access to the Central Animal Records website Click Here
If you do not have a Certificate of Identification or Logon and do not wish to create an account with us then please Click Here to update your details.

Change of Ownership - A $12.00 (inc GST) fee applies

There are two methods for submitting a Change of Ownership request to the registry:

  • If you received a Certificate of Identification , please complete the Change of Ownership section on the reverse of that Certificate and forward the entire document back to the address shown on the form.
  • Alternatively, you can download a copy of the Change of Ownership form Here Note: Once completed this form requires to be printed and signed by both previous and new owner/s before being sent back to Central Animal Records for processing
  • If you are unable to obtain the signature of the listed owner/s, please contact our Customer Care team for further advice on (03) 9706 3187

A payment of $12.00 including GST must accompany all documents requesting an ownership change. Changes will not be processed until payment is received and cleared along with the appropriate documentation. CONDITIONS FOR CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP REQUESTS (A fee applies) All Change of Ownership requests must:

  • Be submitted in writing using appropriate documentation as outlined above.
  • Be signed and authorised by the previous owner/s of the animal along with your , the new owner/s signatures.
  • Include the details of the previous and new owner, as well as the details of the animal.
  • All change of ownership requests must be accompanied with your payment and may be required to be verified by our Registry administrators prior to making the change.