From the Heart of Dixie

Hello, my name is Dixie and this is my story………
A very long time ago (in 2001), sometime after I was born, a young family came to my kennel in Moe Victoria and took me home.  This was a bit of a surprise as I had been specially bred for my facial markings and was going to be a show dog, but my teeth weren’t quite right for a show dog. There were two young boys to play with me and we were going to have lots of fun growing up together.  They were very noisy and active which suited me as I am a Fox Terrier and just love to run and play like them. One day I went to the Vet and came home later very sore and sorry for myself. I had stitches on my belly and wasn't allowed to lick myself in the area.  
Later that year my family moved to Richmond in Tasmania and we lived in the Richmond village while we built our new house. I loved to run and play with the little boys in the back yard.  Then one day in early 2002 I went “missing”.  Only I know where I have been and what I have been doing. Many years later, I was seriously injured in a dog fight and found my way to the RSPCA in Launceston very hungry, thirsty and sore from all my wounds.  After a day at the RSPCA, a lady came to take me home, she had two really big, grown up boys.  I feel like I have known them a lifetime.  This family have looked after me very well and they nursed me back to good health.  I can't help but smile and wag my tail every day for my family that saved me. They call me Dixie the wonder dog.
My name is Deirdre, I am Dixie's owner, and this is our family's story………..
After our first fur baby passed away, we purchased a fox terrier from a breeder in Moe.  It was an “Are we there yet?” journey to go pick up this puppy, with our two young boys under 5 who were overly excited.  Dixie was special - she had been bred to have a split colour on her face.  She was just gorgeous!  At six months of age we had her spayed.  It was during this time, that the staff at Monash Veterinary Clinic suggested we have her microchipped. Microchipping was still relatively new at this time and it wasn't yet law that all cats and dogs be microchipped.  Microchipping was a way of helping lost pets reunite with their owners.
We moved to Richmond, Tasmania late in 2001 and Dixie went “missing” early in 2002. We checked the RSPCA and the Lost Dogs Home, the boys made up posters and put them in the shops around Richmond.  We even contacted the local radio station but Dixie was nowhere to be found. So sadly we moved on and resigned ourselves to the fact that we had probably lost Dixie forever.  We acquired another beautiful Foxie named Maggie who fitted well into our family.
On the 25th March 2013 when Maggie and I were out for a walk, my husband David, called me to say he had a call from the RSPCA in Launceston who had rung to say that they had found our dog!  Dixie had been handed in to them by two scruffy men who left very quickly and did not leave their names.  Unfortunately Dixie had been savaged by another dog, possibly used as a bait dog for a fighting dog ring operating in Launceston. I drove north the next day and picked her up. We had not seen Dixie for 11 years!!  She doesn’t remember us, she is nearly deaf and cannot learn her name, she has epilepsy and arthritis. However she always has a smile on her face and a waggly tail. If not for her microchip, her fate would have been sealed due to her age and the care needed to nurse her back to health - she would have been put down. We did not hesitate to have her back and she has given us nothing but love and joy since her return. We called her the “wonder dog” - we wonder where she has been and she wonders who we are!  
Sadly, Dixie passed away on the 14th March 2014, quietly in her sleep on a lovely sunny autumn afternoon, 12 days short of a year since she returned to us. She may have gone from our lives again but this time we know exactly where she is. Resting peacefully near the gum trees in our garden.