The "Rocket" Has Landed

On Christmas 2006 we got our little British Short Hair kitten, Rocket. She was an indoor cat and loved running up and down the hallway at lightning speed. She was loved by all but, as she got older, she developed a very nasty habit of peeing in my Dad's shoes!! This was an obvious sign Rocket and my Dad did not get on. Four years later, in 2010, we reluctantly moved Rocket outside because my Dad was tired of buying new shoes. Since she had been an indoor cat her whole life she totally hated this new situation! So after one week she ran away. She was gone for two and half years!
In those two and a half years my Dad moved out. One week after my Dad left, in June 2012, my Mum got a call.  Rocket had been found by someone and that person had taken her to the local vet clinic. The vet scanned her for a microchip and then rang us. It had been roughly two years since our cat ran away and we had totally given up hope of finding her. So, when we got the phone call that she was at the vet clinic waiting to be picked up, we were astonished!
Rocket has since settled in very nicely and has never pee'd in anyones shoes again! She now lives inside as well as outside as she pleases and loves it. Her hobbies include eating, sleeping and trying to catch birds (she fails to catch them though because she is not as fast as she once was).

Thanks to the microchip and Central Animal Records for sending "Rocky" home!!
Rocket and Holly