One Lucky Kitten!!

I was relocating for a job from country Shepparton VIC  to Perth WA. My cats (x 2 – 8 months and  6 1/2 years) were flown over 1 week before myself – the kitten to a friend and the other to a cattery. Also, I happened to be staying with another friend in Perth for a few months (who has a cat and unable to accommodate mine) as I was waiting to move into another place.
A few days before I was to commence  my new job I received a ph call from a vet stating they had my kitten. (all thanks to the microchip and my mobile ph contact).   Apparently, my kitten wandered outside from my friends house,  unbeknown to them, and the neighbours great Dane chased and mauled her. (these dogs were trained to chase rabbits)  The kitten had been lying injured for 24 hours  - probably hiding and dragging herself around – until she couldn’t any longer, exhausted.
She had been brought in by an elderly woman who didn’t like cats – but found mine on her lawn...injured.
The kitten was injured and severely traumatised... looking at over $2000 worth of treatment and surgery.    The vet suggested to wait and see with her healing process – before attempting surgery.
She couldn’t place weight on her back right leg – and it dragged behind her when she moved... which was only to the litter tray. She was withdrawn, depressed and traumatised. She ate very little. My funny, happy, talkative and mischievous kitten was no more.  A large open wound soon flared up on her inner right leg...and later, another  on her right hip – where the dogs teeth had punctured her.
She came to stay with me, and I loved, nursed and nurtured her as she slept with me in my room.  She also healed herself by the constant licking of her wounds.  Weeks later, her kitten curiosity returning, she ventured out of my room and limped up  the stairs in my friends house.  Even to the point of wanting to befriend my friends elderly cat and play with her.
It took several months for her to heal.  No surgery was she attended to her own physio by running up and down stairs. 
She has now recovered quite well – and surprisingly returned to her funny, alert self.  Even my current neighbours yapping dog doesn’t seem to phase her out.  Amazing!
As I type, she sits on my lap with her two front paws on the keyboard.
The thing is – if she wasn’t micro chipped, I would not have been located, and she would have been ‘put down’.  She must have used up some of her cat I even saved her from the local cat pound when she was so young. 
AAH! there she goes – playing with a biro and chasing it around. She is such a joy to me in my life!
Kind Regards