Bruce's adventure in the UK

Bev Taylor helped us to locate Bruce and has asked me to submit a story to the CAR website. I have attached 2 images, the Bruce_and_Kirstie image was taken when Bruce was about 12 but Bruce_1 is more recent, he's about 15 in that one. I hope they are okay.... so here it is and we would like to thank Bev very much for her help :-).

Bruce, our 16 and half year old Border Collie cross, decided to go on an adventure last Monday and it wasn't until 7:30 pm at night, after we returned home from work, that we realised he had gone. Kirstie, our daughter, said that she had seen him in the yard at about 4 pm so we hoped that he hadn't gone too far. But, we were concerned because we now live in the Surrey, England and being winter over here it gets dark at around 6 pm. The temperature was close to zero, we have a river behind us and many ditches full of water in the wooded common in front of us. Beyond that, was a major road.

Jess's Recovery Story

It's true what they say, dog is man's best friend. I got Jess, an English Staffordshire Bull Terrior, in January 2003 as a tiny little puppy. She was so small, cute and beautiful and I loved her from the moment I saw her. I never knew you could love a dog so much until I got Jess. But like a child, you love them a little bit more every day until you feel like you're going to pop!

I spent every waking moment with her. She always came to work with me, came on holidays, shared birthdays and Christmas's and was an important part of the family (as all dogs should be!).

Chloe's Recovery Story

It all began in December 1998. Five months after he had seen his first beautiful Border Collie pup knocked lifeless by a car on a busy highway, our son Josh held his second Border Collie pup and couldn't believe his misty eyes. Chloe was the light of his life and as he ran his fingers through her soft downy fur, he was determined that nothing would harm her. He didn't even trust his big sister to take the pup for a ride in her car unless he was holding Chloe in his own arms.

Sally's Recovery Story

My dog is afraid of thunderstorms, her whole body shakes and her eyes become the size of small plates, she pants until her breath stinks.

One day I was at work and my daughter was home from school, I saw the thunderstorm coming and asked her to watch Sally (my black and white lhasa Apso cross Shitzu). As she has a doggy door and free run of the house when a storm would come and no one was home she would run in and out of the door trying to dig her way out to freedom, you can imagine the mess I would come home to all over the house.

Meet Mr Matthews and his pet Chloe

Central Animal Records
22 Fiveways Boulevard
Keysborough VIC 3173

Dear Bev,

Further to my discussions with your office on Monday, I set out below details of our recent experience.

Quote: "Last Saturday afternoon, the thing that worries all dog lovers happened. Our Labrador cross, Chloe, got away, and to make matters worse, she was not wearing her collar.

I was preparing to wash her in the back yard and had removed her collar. The phone rang and I went inside to answer it. I had not noticed that a door to the drive way was open.