Four years ago I brought my first dog and I drove to South Australia to get her. She is a white Staffy and has excellent blood lines. I had her for 12 months and her name was Angel. Angel always has to be around people, she was very friendly and loved everyone. After 12 months of owning Angel I came home one day to find she was not in the yard. We have six foot fences all around, so I am still not sure to this day whether she simply escaped or somebody took her. We went looking for her, we drove down and walked down every street in the area. We rang all the dog homes and every vet, but still no luck. After a few months we gave up hope. Three years had passed, I just got back from my hoilday was working at home and got a phone call from Ebony from CAR telling me that a vet 30 minutes away from me has my dog!


A lost 2 & ½ year old child was found on the street near a main road thanks to the family dog that was microchipped and wearing a Central Animal Records tag. In an amazing story the child was found and returned back to his frantic parents, thanks to the dog being identified and our dedicated team manning our 24 hour recovery service . The Story as supplied by the child's parents (publication permission received ) “A HUGE thank you to Central Animal Records for not only locating our labradoodle, but also our 2 and ½ year old son who had somehow worked out how to unlock our side gate. We are not sure who took who on a walk, but you can imagine our horror and fears when we found that our son and dog were missing. Our street is off a main road and we are not far from the corner. I ran out into the street and when I couldn’t see them, jumped into the car to begin a search, while my husband rang the police.

New Unique Dog Breed Comes to Australia

The following letter came to us from Jacqi & Colin Dinis In Western Australia alerting us to their new Xoloitzcuintle (there’s a mouthful!!) breed dogs that they recently imported into Australia…… “My dogs are unique both in character and looks, in fact they are the only two in Australia, BUT, I have them both microchipped and registered with Central Animal Records. This is one of the most important and responsible actions that I as their owner can do to ensure they are safe if ever they become lost. I can rest easy knowing if my pets are ever lost or stolen and recovered that I can be contacted and my pets returned to me because I ensure that the microchip details are kept up to date as I mark it on my calendar to update every new season or every worming date. My dogs are the first Xoloitzcuintle (pronounced show-low-eats-queent-lee) to arrive in Australia, they are considered rare and numbered at 4000 worldwide.

Long Lost Cat

Last July our much loved 6 yr old cat went missing. For weeks and months we held out hope because of his microchip but in Feb. of this year we replaced him with 2 new grown cats.
Then yesterday - a full year later, the RSPCA rang advising us that they had Soames. He had been caught in a set cat trap and a scan revealed his identity.
It is wonderful to have him home and he quickly acquainted himself with the house, dog and the other cats.
By evening it was as if he had never left.
A great testament for the microchip.

Overnight Adventure

In June 2009 I went outside on Saturday morning to greet and feed my boys, Zeke and Jethro, only to find no evidence of them in our yard. Panicked, I ran inside to call the local ranger but our phone lines were out of service. Instead I started to organise a street search, calling on all available family members (thanks to mobile phones), while my partner drove to the local council to see the ranger personally. As it turned out the ranger had a message from someone earlier that morning to say they had picked up 2 dogs, a black one and a grey one, and taken them home overnight (to another council area) only to find them gone again in the morning!

On our way out to the area they were last seen, we received a call from the breeder we purchased Jethro from 2 years previously, informing us that a Vet had both of our dogs and had contacted him through the micro-chip in Jethro that was still registered in his name.

Lost my dog at my friends back yard did not even know !!!

Yes this was about a week ago when I went to my friends place and my dog Georgie a kelpie X and my other dog Jake a Border collie went under the fence and went for a stroll..I did not know until 30-40 mins later when I checked the backyard both were missing and had got out through a small out let under the fence.
Jake came back but Georgie was no where to be seen got Jake in to the car started driving around the block and immediately got a call on my mobile from CAR to say that the Georgie has been found and to ring a particular number.
When I got there not far from where she took off Georgie had apparently gone for a walk with a lady pushing a pram with her little baby.
The little baby was sad when I went to pick Georgie up :-( but was Glad to have Georgie back.
Thanks CAR for the call and the person who rang CAR.Micro chipping really works saved a lot of dollars on fines from the council.

Welcome stranger

We'd had Loki for only a short time. Just long enough to get all his vaccinations sorted, get him de-sexed, micro-chipped and collared with id and bells to warn away the birds. He was a cute little Tabby with bluish/grey eyes, a fluffy mane and long, long tail. He was my son's best little mate, in the habit of attacking without warning and taking over a lap with imperious ownership. He was a feisty little guy and we loved him to bits.

My man, Puss

In August 2006, i adopted Puss (formerly Pinkus) who i was told was a stray - he adapted to home life extremely well and soon it was as tho I had always had him. He has lived in 4 homes since I have had him and not once has he ever gone missing. At the start of Jan 2009, only 2 weeks after being injured, he didnt come home - I didnt know what to think - injured again, stuck, stolen, DEAD?? Every morning before work and every afternoon after, I would search the neighbourhood with a box of biccy's calling out his name. After 2 weeks I put posters around town. Every day I checked the pound's website, and around town - every fluffy cat was checked. One day I found a cat on the pound website that looked EXACTLY like my kitty - when 9am monday morning came - I was in that pound. Unfortunately it wasn't MY puss - I was devistated - I thought and had convinced myself that I was never going to see my cat again and began the process of mourning and greiving for my loss.

Bob returned home

Our maltese Bob has never wandered but recently he has decided that crossing the main highway and visiting the local park is someting he really needed to do, unbeknowns to us. On Good Friday, a very busy day on our highway some nice people found him and delivered him to the local pound. We have had Bob for 5 years and moved quite alot but never even thought to update his details. The council workers scanned Bob, found our old details & then began to go through the local phone book just to try their luck. Thank goodness we have a unique last name and have moved to a small town. The local ranger then returned Bob to us. Thank goodness. He is such a special dog with the best manners you could ask for. We would like the thank CAR for their microchip, and the Council lady for bringing back our Bob. We have now updated our details and will ensure in the future to keep them up to date.

A Lucky Break for Labour Day Weekend

My mum's 14 year old dog Flossie went missing from home in Frankston yesterday. She is deaf and riddled with arthritis in her hips but she still managed to find her way to Cranbourne Road and sit in the middle of oncoming traffic and howl as cars swerved dangerously to miss hitting her.

Luckily, a RSPCA volunteer saved her and kept her at home overnight before delivering her to the RSPCA Animal Shelter in Pearcedale this morning. You see, Flossie was not microchipped, or wearing a collar with any form of ID. Mum had a VERY lucky break this time and Flossie is now safe and sound at home albeit very shaken. She has been microchipped today and is being entered onto the C.A.R as I write this. I can't begin to express my thanks to the lady who saved her and if she ever decides to go walkabout again, at least we will have a much easier time of finding her!