Gemma the littlest hobo is found!

Gemma has been found safe and well after a 2 day trip from Tanilba Bay to Lemon Tree Passage, only about 4 kms by road but who knows how far by four paws. Thankfully she was found by a concerned passerby who rang my number on her collar. Thanks to CAR for your help. Sandi

Just moved from Gippsland to Frankston

Thank god for the Central Animal Records people! I have just moved to Frankston after living in rural Gippsland for 14 years. My Three legged Kelpie "Gracie" decided to greet the neighbours whilst I was at work.  A kind gentleman, whom I have not met yet, picked her up and took her to the local vets. The vets looked up my info, which I hadn't had a chance to update, and got my ex wife to provide my new details.
"Gracie" is three legged because she was run over outside my home and left for dead. Several thousand dollars later and she is better than new! So she is not only special to me as a friend and a companion, but she's expensive to have around! But I dont know what I would do without her. Thank you to the team at the records dept.
 Merry Christmas and have a Hoppy New Year!! :)
Tony & "Gracie"


Central Animal Records received an overnight email from the Calgary Humane Society in Canada recently after they had impounded & scanned a cat which they found to be chipped. They could not locate any details on a local Register, however a search via our own "microchip search" area showed that we had a record listed, and as such, were very keen to know who the owners were so that the cat could be returned home.
Upon checking our records, it was found that the cat was still listed in the name of the Breeder, who fortunately had records of who they had sold the cat to when imported over to Canada. Even though the matter of transferring ownership had not been dealt with, CAR was therefore able to email the new owner details to the Shelter, with a happy reunion taking place once they made contact.

Smokey the Missing Cat.

We are pleased to advise that Smokey is home.  We followed some tips on your site and we left all the doors she could have gone out from slightly open, and placed some food out for her.  We looked our dogs up in the shed for the night and low and behold, at 2:30am my husband got up and found her in the laundry where her bed is, happily eating as if nothing had happened!  The kids have just gotten up and they are over the moon.  WELCOME HOME SMOKEY.


We recently received an email from a person in New York... Yes New York, USA, advising us that they had found a dog which was microchipped & listed on our database, here in Australia!

 They were obviously keen to locate the owner so that the dog, a beautiful 6 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, could be reunited with them, but unfortunately the owners had not updated their contact details when they had either moved to the USA, or at least, re-homed the dog overseas, so contact with them wasn't possible! Unfortunately, we don't know what happened to this pet after that!



We thank Sue for her story. It highlights the importance of having any stray pet scanned to determine whether it has been chipped or not, as there are owners out there somewhere, wondering where their beloved pet is & just not knowing can be very traumatic!  
About a month ago a very large fluffy ginger cat appeared on our back decking after dark. Monty and Heidi, our rabbits, were thumping (an indicator of stress in rabbits) so I went out to investigate. 

My beautiful Ratty

I was involved in a car accident in February 2010, caused by the other driver running a stop sign. I was heading to my parents house with my cat for a few weeks break. She was harnessed into my car, but her collar broke loose, and she escaped. It was only near the end of my one month stay in hospital, that I was told she was missing, and I was devastated. My family had done everything they could think of to find her, but to no avail. My car accident was right near the Woodside Army Barracks in SA, and my dad had been there to explain the situation in case they saw her. They also put ads in the local papers, but because they had no photo of her, I wasnt really expecting much of a response. I did have a few calls saying they had seen her in Mt Barker (about half an hour away from where the accident happened), and after three trips from Pt Elliot to Mt Barker, had not been able to sight the cat that had been seen.

Schnauzer success story!

May 21, 2010. Tonight my husband and I came home from work to find our two miniature Schnauzer puppies were not in our backyard. They are only 4 months old and we were very distraught and felt hopeless! We had been at work all day and didn't know how long they'd been lose for, and to make matters worse, one of their collars was found in the backyard too! We searched the streets and the bushland and nothing turned up, and then I remembered I had changed my mobile number and so the puppy who still had his collar on him (we hoped!), had the wrong contact phone number, and so did CAR! I rang CAR straight away and they took my new details down. Then, less than 30minutes later, CAR rang me back to tell me they'd had a message left and they've confirmed that someone nearby had our puppies! We went around and picked them up straight away! THANK YOU SO MUCH CAR for all the work you do and your wonderful staff.

Houdini the wonder dog.

About 5 months ago, I was woken up by phone call at around 7am in the morning, I answered and was shocked to hear that it was CAR telling me my presious Jack Russel Terrier "Chubba" had gone missing that very morning and had been picked up and driven to my local vet clinic.. As I was still in bed I quickly put on my coat and drove to the vet "fluffy Essendon slippers and all" to meet my very scared and shaking little puppy. From what the vet had told me, a lady saw him on the main road shivering, and pulled over to pick him up. I'm forever greatful,  M Papotto Doreen Vic.

Welcome home Kitty!! after 6 long anxious months-

I got Kitty from my sister at 8weeks old, she was my best friend a great girl. She was my cat & the bond her and I shared was unbreakable, but 2 years later I lost my partner and had to move. In the move I managed to loose both Kitty and her almost year old son Billy, but they were both chipped and registered so I held hope that I would eventually see them again. Almost 6months had passed with nothing, no sign of them anywhere. Then I get a long awaited call from my sister saying one of my cats had been found, I was so relieved when I found out it was Kitty. I was going to have her back after all this time, would she remember me?? She didn't at the start but she has been home just a few days and has settled in nicely with her old mate Marley the Pug, and her 2 new friends Skit puss and Ninja the Persian. If she hadn't been chipped I would never have seen her again, she had lost her tags and collar.