Reunion Stories

Do you have a recovery story to share with us? Your comments and feedback are extremely important to us and we welcome any contribution that you may want to make. We'll also list a number of them on our web site, for all newcomers to see. Please send us your story along with a picture of your loved pet to and we will publish it on our website.

Three years Missing!!

 Within a couple of weeks, 8 cats from our street area went missing. Our cat Socks was one of them. That was in 2012. Our other cat fretted badly for him as did our three young children. Socks was 5 years old at the time and certainly knew our area so it was out of character for him to suddenly disappear. He would even meet my husband at the bus stop each night and walk him home. But now there was no Socks waiting for him.
It is now 2015 and we have just moved 700kms away from where we lost Socks. Two weeks ago I received a phone call from our old vet. They are flabbergasted. A lady has been feeding a cat for the last two months and thought she would take him to the vet to see if he was microchipped. He was. It was our Socks…and the same vet surgery who microchipped him. No one could believe it. He was in good health although a few battle-scars and grey hairs with age.
No one knows where he has been all this time…if only he could talk. He is now back with us and remembered our other cat and dog. The children have grown a lot but he has settled in well and is very cuddly once again.
We are all still in shock…but so happy we had him microchipped. I never imagined that our Socks would reappear after 3 years….wow!!! His microchip details have now been updated!!!
I have attached a photo of Socks! He has a huge personality and certainly hasn’t lost that trait thankfully.
-- Judi

Naughty Lunar turns up 50km from home

Our naughty Bengal “Lunar” escaped from her enclosure on the evening of 13th April. She has never done this before. We didn’t discover she was missing until breakfast time the following morning. We live in an acreage estate backing onto a park. We spent several days searching the neighbourhood and the park. We did letterbox drops, listed her on the local lost pet page on Facebook, notified the local vets, the pound and the RSPCA. It seemed Lunar had vanished into thin air! A week went by and we were hopeful she would turn up on a neighbours yard. Then another week went by and we were worried that she could have come to some peril down in the park, as there are snakes and all sorts of wildlife amongst the bushland. Then another week passed and we had all but lost hope of getting our pretty girl back. Eventually, 24 days later, just as we were about to walk out the door to work, the phone rang. Lunar had been handed in to a vet over 50 km away! She had spent the night on the persons roof, before coming down the next morning. The people took her to the vet, who scanned her microchip & called us. Lunar was in perfect health, almost 1 kg lighter in weight after her big adventure. If only she could talk! Since coming home, Lunar has been happy to be a house cat and has eaten enough for 3 cats each day and appreciates cuddles more than ever!
-- Jennifer

Zoe's Back Home

Zoe joined us back in Feb 2009 and I took her down to the vet for her first check up and immunisations etc. While I was there my vet asked if I wanted to get her microchipped and I thought about it and decided to get it done. About a week later, I dropped my daughter at home after school and went to the shops. While out I got a call from my daughter saying "Zoe's not here, she's disappeared!" I told her to calm down, thinking that she was just hiding in the backyard somewhere. When I got home, after much searching, I realised that Zoe was in fact missing. While I was trying to work out what to do, the home phone rang and it was the local vet (not my usual one) asking if I had lost a puppy? They'd scanned her and found her chip and got my details! On collection, the vet advised me that two teenage girls had brought her in, saying their little brother had found her on the nature strip on his way home from school.
Thanks to the microchip and the registry we have Zoe back and now she's having a great time with us again and hanging out with our cat Belle. Sometimes they even play…..until Belle decides she's had enough, that is!

From the Heart of Dixie

Hello, my name is Dixie and this is my story………
A very long time ago (in 2001), sometime after I was born, a young family came to my kennel in Moe Victoria and took me home.  This was a bit of a surprise as I had been specially bred for my facial markings and was going to be a show dog, but my teeth weren’t quite right for a show dog. There were two young boys to play with me and we were going to have lots of fun growing up together.  They were very noisy and active which suited me as I am a Fox Terrier and just love to run and play like them. One day I went to the Vet and came home later very sore and sorry for myself. I had stitches on my belly and wasn't allowed to lick myself in the area.  

The Dodger.... not so Artful after all !!

Dear Central Animal Records,
I am very happy to advise that Dodger has been found!
He wandered into a Council stray cat trap (not so Artful since he easily fell into a trap)! He was no doubt drawn in by the food and spent the night there. The trapped cat(s) were sent to the animal welfare shelter and, at around 5pm, I was called and advised that Dodger was there – safe and sound.

A Much Appreciated Thank You Message from Wendy!

I would just like to acknowledge and thank you for the following:
 1. Your staff member Katie for being so helpful and responsive. She went beyond her duty and found out that my second dog was registered on another registry and gave me their number to check with them….I have also had similar excellent service  from CAR in the past when I have needed to update my details.
2. The new email sent on the anniversary of pet registration with CAR that reminds people to ensure their records are accurate – what a good idea and it reminds everyone to ensure that their details are up to date  - what a good idea – so thankyou for that as generally it is like a “set and forget” thing.
I have made a donation to your organisation and included a photo of Reggie.
Kind regards

The "Rocket" Has Landed

On Christmas 2006 we got our little British Short Hair kitten, Rocket. She was an indoor cat and loved running up and down the hallway at lightning speed. She was loved by all but, as she got older, she developed a very nasty habit of peeing in my Dad's shoes!! This was an obvious sign Rocket and my Dad did not get on. Four years later, in 2010, we reluctantly moved Rocket outside because my Dad was tired of buying new shoes. Since she had been an indoor cat her whole life she totally hated this new situation! So after one week she ran away. She was gone for two and half years!
In those two and a half years my Dad moved out. One week after my Dad left, in June 2012, my Mum got a call.  Rocket had been found by someone and that person had taken her to the local vet clinic. The vet scanned her for a microchip and then rang us. It had been roughly two years since our cat ran away and we had totally given up hope of finding her. So, when we got the phone call that she was at the vet clinic waiting to be picked up, we were astonished!
Rocket has since settled in very nicely and has never pee'd in anyones shoes again! She now lives inside as well as outside as she pleases and loves it. Her hobbies include eating, sleeping and trying to catch birds (she fails to catch them though because she is not as fast as she once was).

Thanks to the microchip and Central Animal Records for sending "Rocky" home!!
Rocket and Holly 

Central Animal Records Passes 2 Million Pet Milestone

Dr Scott Ison of Deniliquin Veterinary Clinic has implanted the microchip into the 2 millionth animal to be recorded on the National animal registry, Central Animal Records. Snookie is a Great Dane-cross pup who was implanted as part of a litter of 12 puppies and was found to be "Pet Number 2,000,000" on the nationally-accredited animal registry. Like many veterinary clinics and animal welfare groups throughout Australia, Deniliquin Veterinary Clinic have been implanting Trovan microchips registered with Central Animal Records for many years! Central Animal Records was the first national microchip registry in Australia and provides a 24 hours per day, 7 days per week animal recovery service for lost or stolen companion animals including not only dogs and cats, but also horses, birds and even reptiles! And, amazingly, Central Animal Records has now been responsible for reuniting over 500,000 lost or injured animals with their owners! Some of these events have also involved locating lost children who were with their family pets!
Microchip identification still offers the most effective method of helping vets, animal shelters and animal control officers to help quickly notify owners if their pet has been found injured or lost. It is an inexpensive and easy procedure to have your pet microchipped and there are even now smaller microchips designed for use in kittens, cats and small breed dogs and puppies!
The most important issue is that your contact details are kept up to date to ensure that you will always be linked to your pet and this can be done online or by contacting Central Animal Records directly.

One Lucky Kitten!!

I was relocating for a job from country Shepparton VIC  to Perth WA. My cats (x 2 – 8 months and  6 1/2 years) were flown over 1 week before myself – the kitten to a friend and the other to a cattery. Also, I happened to be staying with another friend in Perth for a few months (who has a cat and unable to accommodate mine) as I was waiting to move into another place.
A few days before I was to commence  my new job I received a ph call from a vet stating they had my kitten. (all thanks to the microchip and my mobile ph contact).   Apparently, my kitten wandered outside from my friends house,  unbeknown to them, and the neighbours great Dane chased and mauled her. (these dogs were trained to chase rabbits)  The kitten had been lying injured for 24 hours  - probably hiding and dragging herself around – until she couldn’t any longer, exhausted.
She had been brought in by an elderly woman who didn’t like cats – but found mine on her lawn...injured.
The kitten was injured and severely traumatised... looking at over $2000 worth of treatment and surgery.    The vet suggested to wait and see with her healing process – before attempting surgery.
She couldn’t place weight on her back right leg – and it dragged behind her when she moved... which was only to the litter tray. She was withdrawn, depressed and traumatised. She ate very little. My funny, happy, talkative and mischievous kitten was no more.  A large open wound soon flared up on her inner right leg...and later, another  on her right hip – where the dogs teeth had punctured her.