Central Animal Records offers a range of registry and data maintenance services to a number of different types of users and organisations. Essentially, we act as a service provider, utilising our highy developed Data validation systems, sophisticated hardware , and expertise to provide a centralised registry and data maintenance service that can be customised to your needs, and suit a great diversity of applications. In doing so, we are able to leverage the significant investment that we have made in our people, resources and technology to produce economies of scale that make it attractive for your organisation to utilise our services in place of outlaying considerable expense establishing your own.

Access to information via our web site

Importantly, our services that operate over the internet, enable International and global organisations to make use of our services and via authorised access, securely access registry information at any time, to enable data to be provided to the enquirer, such as the safe return of a stray pet.

Operation as a companion animal microchip registry

Our highest profile role has been in the operation of one of Australia's leading companion animal microchip registries. In this role, we operate a 24 hour, 7 day per week Animal Recovery Service and work closely with Councils, local and State Governments, animal welfare agencies, microchip distributors and the Australian Veterinary Association to establish a national network of agencies that are capable of retrieving animal/owner data of lost or stolen pets that are impanted with ANY of the microchip technologies that are in use in Australia or globally today. We offer a subscription to an animal Lifetime data management product to either owners, implanting agencies or distributors of identification technology (whether it be by microchip, external tag or a combination of both) for any species not just limited to dogs cats and horses. Please note: A subscription is not transferable to another animal. The following components are part of a suite of services available when purchasing our companion animal subscription product:

  • Establishment and recording of end-users data and the creation of the lifetime subscription on the registry.
  • Coverage by the Animal Recovery Service that operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Easy access to updating of animal and owner information via the web, telephone, fax or post.
  • Unique numbered External Identification Tag that is linked to the microchip number.
  • Certificate of Identification or Identification Acknowledgement emailed or posted directly to the pet owner.

Looking to outsource your registry operation?

Central Animal Records has also provided services to a number of other organisations to assist them establish and operate their own registries. In each case, ownership of the data does not reside with ourselves. We merely act as a service provider and are subject to stringent conditions with regard to the use and availability of the data.

Want more information about our products and services?

If you would like more information regarding our services, please contact our organisation. All discussions will be held in the strictest of confidence and we will work closely with you to assist you in developing your application, ensuring your data is secure, recorded accurately, readily accessible to you and reported appropriately.