Central Animal Records has implemented an extensive system of multilevel security to protect the data that it holds in its Registry, ensuring that the integrity of data is maintained.
Our systems ensure that our service:

  • Is available to assist in the return of microchipped pets 24/7, Australia wide.
  • Can be accessed by authorised scanning centres who provide the necessary security information to enable release of information
  • Is protected from the threat of an attack that could disrupt our ability to provide this service

In addition, all data relating to our companion animal microchip Registry is not made available to outside parties that could use the data for the purposes of direct mail and promotion.
Once you are recorded as the owner of a pet, NO ownership transfers are processed until the appropriate documentation is receieved, signed by you AUTHORISING the change, or via a Statutory Declaration lodged by the new owners, requesting theownership transfer, at which time, you will be contacted by Central Animal Records to verify your identification and obtain AUTHORISATION of any transfer request.
NOTE: Should your contact details be out of date and you are uncontactable, Central Animal Records will still maintain the record for 14 days from the time a transfer of ownership is requested before effecting the change. We are licensed and subject to external audit by Victorian Department of Primary Industry (DPI) Bureau of Animal Welfare & the Department of Infrastructure & Planning in Queensland under their respective Legislations. We also operate according to a defined set of protocols that were developed by the registry watchdog - Domestic Animal Registries Inc.
When a new subscriber is added to the Registry, they must sign a Declaration at the bottom of the Subscription Form that acknowledges that they have read the Conditions "Relating to Information Management".
These conditions state: " This information is strictly confidential and only information necessary to enable the return of your missing pet or to assist Council pet registrations, will be supplied to authorised scanning centres, except where Central Animal Records is required by law to produce any of the information. Statistical information may be supplied to other parties for purposes associated with animal welfare and/or management of domestic animals. In such circumstances, Central Animal Records will provide the information only on assurances that the information will not be used for commercial purposes."