Missing Chinese Crested Dog

On Tuesday April 2nd 2013 there was a serious motor vehicle accident on the Hume Highway near Benalla VIC. A car and dog trailer carrying 6 award winning Chinese Crested Dogs was hit by a semi trailer. All 6 dogs escaped. Five have been found and are recovering well, however one young girl named Cyan is still missing.
The area near the accident scene has been extensively searched to no avail. Several media outlets have been contacted, door knocks have been conducted, flyers handed out and posted in several places in nearby towns. Social media pages are buzzing with her story.
She may have travelled a vast distance, or perhaps been picked up by a passing motorist. We are trying to do everything we can to help Cyans story reach a wider audience.
Cyans owners are distraught, as are her doggy pals that just want their friend home.
She is microchipped and all her details are current.

One Lucky Kitten!!

I was relocating for a job from country Shepparton VIC  to Perth WA. My cats (x 2 – 8 months and  6 1/2 years) were flown over 1 week before myself – the kitten to a friend and the other to a cattery. Also, I happened to be staying with another friend in Perth for a few months (who has a cat and unable to accommodate mine) as I was waiting to move into another place.
A few days before I was to commence  my new job I received a ph call from a vet stating they had my kitten. (all thanks to the microchip and my mobile ph contact).   Apparently, my kitten wandered outside from my friends house,  unbeknown to them, and the neighbours great Dane chased and mauled her. (these dogs were trained to chase rabbits)  The kitten had been lying injured for 24 hours  - probably hiding and dragging herself around – until she couldn’t any longer, exhausted.


We would like to thank CAR for reuniting us with our 12 y.o. Jack Russell, Cassie. We live in Arcadia just south of Shepparton, having moved from Melbourne in 2010. We had gone to Tasmania on the 25th January for a wedding, leaving Cassie at home with a trusted neighbour feeding her and checking on her. The yard is secure. As we were leaving our accommodation on 28th January to return home I had a call from an operator at CAR. Cassie had somehow got out and been picked up about 10kms away darting in and out of traffic on the Goulburn Valley Highway.

Our Cassie

My Husband works away, my son’s and I were travelling out to see him and spotted a Miniture Dachshund running down the highway in the middle of nowhere about 8pm at night (we still had 2 hours to travel to our destination).  She had no collar and was very happy to see us.  We took her with us planning on trying to find her owner and reunite them.  We had a stumpty tail blue cattle dog and were happy with that.  Turns out she was micro-chipped the previous owner didn’t want her back they had bread her and were trying to find her a new owner, nobody knows how she got where we found her, the previous owner was happy to take her back and continue looking to rehouse her.  Over the weekend we had fallen completely in love with her.

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