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Central Animal Records is Australia's longest running and foremost nationally accredited companion animal microchip Registry. Central Animal records was the first animal microchip registry to be accredited by the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) and Domestic Animal Registries (DAR) - the companion animal registry watchdog that ceased after State companion animal registry licensing was introduced. We are licensed by the Victorian & Queensland Governments under their respective companion animal legislations. Our goal is simple - to provide a reliable, 24 hour per day, 7 day per week animal recovery service for lost or stolen companion animals including not only dogs and cats, but also horses, birds and reptiles that will work to ensure that your microchipped pet can be returned home, from anywhere in Australia, at any time, business hours, overnight, weekends and public holidays.

Naughty Lunar turns up 50km from home

Our naughty Bengal “Lunar” escaped from her enclosure on the evening of 13th April. She has never done this before. We didn’t discover she was missing until breakfast time the following morning. We live in an acreage estate backing onto a park. We spent several days searching the neighbourhood and the park. We did letterbox drops, listed her on the local lost pet page on Facebook, notified the local vets, the pound and the RSPCA. It seemed Lunar had vanished into thin air! A week went by and we were hopeful she would turn up on a neighbours yard. Then another week went by and we were worried that she could have come to some peril down in the park, as there are snakes and all sorts of wildlife amongst the bushland. Then another week passed and we had all but lost hope of getting our pretty girl back. Eventually, 24 days later, just as we were about to walk out the door to work, the phone rang. Lunar had been handed in to a vet over 50 km away! She had spent the night on the persons roof, before coming down the next morning. The people took her to the vet, who scanned her microchip & called us. Lunar was in perfect health, almost 1 kg lighter in weight after her big adventure. If only she could talk! Since coming home, Lunar has been happy to be a house cat and has eaten enough for 3 cats each day and appreciates cuddles more than ever!
-- Jennifer

Zoe's Back Home

Zoe joined us back in Feb 2009 and I took her down to the vet for her first check up and immunisations etc. While I was there my vet asked if I wanted to get her microchipped and I thought about it and decided to get it done. About a week later, I dropped my daughter at home after school and went to the shops. While out I got a call from my daughter saying "Zoe's not here, she's disappeared!" I told her to calm down, thinking that she was just hiding in the backyard somewhere. When I got home, after much searching, I realised that Zoe was in fact missing. While I was trying to work out what to do, the home phone rang and it was the local vet (not my usual one) asking if I had lost a puppy? They'd scanned her and found her chip and got my details! On collection, the vet advised me that two teenage girls had brought her in, saying their little brother had found her on the nature strip on his way home from school.
Thanks to the microchip and the registry we have Zoe back and now she's having a great time with us again and hanging out with our cat Belle. Sometimes they even play…..until Belle decides she's had enough, that is!


From the Heart of Dixie

Hello, my name is Dixie and this is my story………
A very long time ago (in 2001), sometime after I was born, a young family came to my kennel in Moe Victoria and took me home.  This was a bit of a surprise as I had been specially bred for my facial markings and was going to be a show dog, but my teeth weren’t quite right for a show dog. There were two young boys to play with me and we were going to have lots of fun growing up together.  They were very noisy and active which suited me as I am a Fox Terrier and just love to run and play like them. One day I went to the Vet and came home later very sore and sorry for myself. I had stitches on my belly and wasn't allowed to lick myself in the area.  

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