Scanning Infrastructure

This list displays animal microchip scanning centres around Australia who have applied for and received a security P.I.N, providing them with authorised access to retrieve animal/owner details from the Central Animal Records microchip recovery database.

If you have found a stray, it should be scanned to determine if it is microchipped, and these authorised scanning centres are able to do this.

We recommend that you either contact your local Council to arrange to have the pet collected, (preferable, & required under some State or Territory Legislations) or contact the closest scanning centre of your choice from this list (ie. Council Rangers, Animal Welfare Shelter, Veterinary Clinic or Hospital, or Animal Emergency Centre) to determine their availability so that you can arrange a mutually convenient time for you to take the stray pet to them for scanning. If the pet is injured, immediate response to the pets medical treatment needs to be addressed, and should be done by contacting first a Veterinary Clinic or Hospital or Animal Welfare Shelter in your area, and if out of hours, an Animal Emergency Centre.
In some cases, injured stray pets can be collected by these Agencies, but a phone call to determine ability to assist is recommended.

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