Ensure you can always afford the best treatment for your pet

Bite off 80% of your vet bills!

For over twenty years, Central Animal Records has been committed to preventing the loss of a pet through our microchip identification and 24-hour recovery services.

Being in the pet care industry, we know that vet bills like these can easily amount to thousands of dollars!

Statistics show that two out of three pets will need treatment for sudden and unexpected illness and injury each year. Some pet owners have to make the heartbreaking decision to part with their pet because they cannot afford the expense of vet fees.

Thankfully, this terrible situation can now be prevented by insuring your pet's health for accidents or illness.

Peace of mind from less than $4 per week*

Bow Wow Meow Pet Health Insurance is a cost effective and caring way to protect your pet's welfare.

They offer a choice of Pet Health Insurance plans which - from less that $4 for week* - will cover your dog or cat for up to 80% of eligible vet bills in case of injury or illness.


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For a free quote call 1800 668 502 and be sure to mention that you pet is registered with Central Animal Records or client the link below.