A Heart-warming Story and a Wonderful Charity

Jennifer responded to one of our anniversary emails asking her to check and ensure that her pet and owner details on the Central Animal Records database were up to date and accurate but the story that she shared with us was so heart-warming and important that we felt we had to share it on the website…..

“I’m pleased to say that Jed is still going strong at 17.

Jed ruptured 3 discs in his spine when he was 8 (chasing seagulls along the beach with too much gusto) and has had 3 spinal surgeries and hip surgery. We could afford this by foregoing our kitchen renovation, but many pensioners cannot. He is essentially paraplegic and incontinent now but very happy. I have carried him in a harness for 9 years and express his bladder 3-4 times a day. Despite this he is pain free, still walks for an hour a day with me carrying him and is VERY bossy!

I was at Save-A-Dog Scheme (SADs) to foster a dog for the weekend and they asked me to take Jed who they had adopted after having been found had wandering and starving in a rural Victorian area. It has been one long glorious weekend – spanning 15 years! Our bond was immediate and to have lost him at 8 years old when he injured his back would have devastated me. I was fortunate to be able to afford his veterinary care – 3 x spinal surgeries, hips surgery, ear surgery, dental surgery, etc and quickly found out that most pensioners in our case would have had to euthanase him because of the financial cost. And so I started a fund to prevent this from happening to the community’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged owners.

So Jed is the founding member of a charity called the Pet Medical Crisis Fund which has saved over 460 Victorian pensioners’ pets from being unnecessarily euthanased when they cannot afford the cost of veterinary care. Any vet in Victoria who has a pensioner-client struggling to afford their pet’s life-saving surgery due to financial constraints, can apply online at www.petmedicalcrisisfund.com.au . The Pet Medical Crisis Fund is a registered not-for-profit charity and has DGR (tax deductible status), relies solely on donations from the public and is one of the few charities that has been run by unpaid volunteers and aim to get 100% of donations to pay for discounted veterinary care for pensioners.”

Central Animal Records comment:
For those who can afford it, pet health insurance is one way to help finance the sometimes unexpected veterinary costs that you may face with your pet but we felt it was also necessary to highlight the Pet Medical Crisis Fund. What an amazing charity helping pensioners and less fortunate people potentially avoid the devastating decision to euthanase their pets – a charity well worth supporting! www.petmedicalcrisisfund.com.au