Gillian Shippen (Dr Michael J Burke B V Sc)

Like the new site - submitting new subscriptions is much easier and I am able to check implantation records easily and they appear to be recorded much quicker than previously.

well done

Max & Marcy Smith

My daughter found our Pepe on the Gold Coast way back in 1996. He used to live on a suburban block with just me,for about 7 years and for the past 3 years he has the run of 5 acres with my husband & I.

He is getting old and the sight and sounds are fading, but, not the sense of smell. He is frightened of storms but since the hearing has gone a little I am glad he has his microchip.

He has been loved by all the family including the 4 legged belonging to my children. Pepe gets very excited to see his cousins when they visit.

Smith's of Upper Lockyer Qld

Derek Barnsley

very nice ... keep up the good work

Adelle Cousins

I had lost my dog's microchipping information and was helped out by Dom who quickly responded to my e-mail with all the information i needed to change all of my details.
Thank you so much - great help!

Kent Runeback

After adopting our dog we recently lost her during the fireworks. We are so gratefull that with this system we found her less then 12 Hours.

Lee Reynolds

Fair dinkum! I'm just soooo relieved to know that my 'little mate' and I can be reunited quickly with just the wave of a scanning device.


My dogs microchip meant he was returned to me soon after having been lost. As he was without his collar, it was his only form of identification.