wendy ` monty`s mum`

i just want to say ive just adopted monty from his old mummy who cant care for him anymore and the first thing ive done is make sure his details have been changed for his microchip thank you CAR i now know my dog will come home to me if ever lost xx

The Pynaker Family

Amee is our oldest and dearest family member.
At 10 years old, she is a loyal and much loved pet.
We microchipped her in 2001, however having moved around a lot in the past 9 years, I'm glad the CAR database exists so that her details can be kept up to date. Keep up the good work and thanks.

Tammie Caldwell

Love the new website. It makes entering the micro chip details on so much easier. The only function we need now is a breeder page for all those breeders that responsibly micro chip theIr puppies. Keep up the great work!

Debbie Nolan

Hi, after viewing RSPCA Animal Rescue on T.V and seeing the wonderful stories of lost pets being reunited with their owners when it has been micro chipped, it encouraged me to update my personal details for our pet dog. We would be devastated if we lost her and if the CAR database did not have our current details to locate us. It was so easy to complete 'on line' and update the records. Thanks so much! Very 'user friendly' website.
Kind regards, Deb Nolan

Adrian Robson

My vet put me on to you. What a great service you provide - very much appreciated.

Johnny Whitehead

I moved off a farm into town 6 weeks ago, from 400 acres to a house block, and was cornerned how my mate Kimba would handle it. I have UPDATED my woof's details, so that if she strays (not likely) or dissappears, we can be re-united quickly.. I think I'd be the one to stress.
Thanks CAR's team for my peace of mind and a user friendly site.
Johnny Whitehead

Carol Seidel, S.A

I "adopted" an 8 year old dog from an old friend who had terminal cancer and was concerned what would happen to his pal. She is now part of our family and the Customer Care personnel were SO helpful in transferring her records to us and re-issuing her new certificate and tag (via the website). Marvellous service, thank you!

Samantha Nicholls

I placed a dog of mine with a friend, she was then dumped by the new boyfriend and was found sometime later very emaciated and full of dermatitis, the Werribee Animal Hospital found her and due to her being microchipped it saved her life. When they rang for me to pick her up they said if she had not been microchipped, the condition she was in they would have euthanased her. So all my animals are microchipped and any pups I produce are microchipped before the go to new owners. I cannot express enough if you love your pets to have them chipped so they can be returned safely to you.


The new look website and new functions are excellent!
I originally got my pet microchipped in early 2005 and I found out about the website so I changed the details. I thought my only option was sending the form in but the website has made it a breeze!!

Kerry Rogers

Just had to comment on how fantastic the new website looks and how much more user friendly it is. Really impressive and it makes it much easier to navigate and find the info required. Having had to do a recovery today, also makes it much easier!