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Hi there this looks like a really useful system to keep details of our dogs.


 Thanks to the staff and the CAR records I had the pleasure of reuniting a little lost dog, found in the middle of a busy suburban road blind spot, with her owner.  It seems an escape artist doggy friend had sprung her from her yard and had wandered off with her, losing her along the way.  She was wearing a collar and I recognised the CAR tag and after obtaining a phone number for contact, the owner and I met up and a very relieved dog (and owner) were reunited right on Christmas.  
I have my dogs and cats microchipped (a safe guard investment for ease of mind I think) and would hope that if they were to 'escape' someone kind and caring would seek me out for a reunion.  It is also important that we keep our details updated,  I have been a bit tardy getting round to this myself, but it is now done.  Thank you staff for your work and efforts it is greatly appreciated and even more so when it is required and a reunion comes about; rewarding for all parties.  

Carlene Bott

Our little dog "Lert" a Tricolour, Mini Fox Terrier, adopted from RSPCA who became hearing and sight impaired over the years, and arthritic, but still wagged his tail, enjoyed his food, barked at the gate to go for a walk, went to his cushion for his after breakfast snooze on 10/10/2011 and didnt wake up.
His pretty collar, registration, name tag, and chip tag remain with him in his resting place.  We all miss him very much.
Thank you for this microchip service.
Carlene, Tony and SamDog 

Shirley Matthews

This site is fantastic - well done
Thankyou for allowing a medium for the safe return of our beloved pets. x

Melodale Beagles

My first Beagle puppy, way back in 1989, was registered with CAR when he was microchipped by the vet in Springvale.  It was a brand new service then, and has gone from strength to strength.  Now, as a breeder, I have all my pups done before they go to their new homes, so they are all safe for life.  The website is brilliant, I can download forms, change details if necessary, change ownership, etc, all without leaving my house.  I often hear stories of dogs who have strayed but have been returned to their owners because of their chips.  It makes people feel so much safer - a wonderful service.  Keep up the good work, please, everyone at C.A.R.!

Mish and Twister

Easy log in service, easy to update contact details very informative, educational, helpful website.
Thank you.
From Twister & Mish

Cheyenne Stemm Port Lincoln SA

I'm Glad that my Dog "Zeus"and cat "Foxie"are registered with CAR because i know if they wander off the property, I know they will be brought back safe and sound. Thanx CAR keep up the Excellent work

Lisa Bloore

My family bought a gorgeous mini schnauzer," Midnight Storm" and he is a wonderful addition to our family, the breeder had already registered the puppy with CAR, so we continued the registration, we all feel assured that if our little guy was lost we have a good chance of finding him again. I had never of heard of CAR before, but after looking at the website, this is definitely a great organisation.

Alisha Foster

Would just like to say i think this site is fantastic, my cat monkey goes on her adventures for days, but i dont get worried because i know CAR will bring her home. good job everyone.