I need to notify you that I’m now the new owner of a microchipped pet listed on your database. How do I do that?

There are 2 ways of notifying us about a change of ownership.

The first option is easy, and can only be done if you know who we currently have listed on our database as the owner of your new pet & can have them sign the appropriate form as confirmation that they are relinquishing ownership of the pet.  If this applies, click here which will take you to the start of our on-line form. You are then required to complete this on-line, ensuring that you then print it off to obtain the appropriate signatures.

The second option is required if you either do not know who the listed owner is on our database, or you do know, but no longer have contact with them, & therefore cannot obtain the required signatures.

In this instance, a Statutory Declaration is required to be lodged with us.  You can download a copy of the StatDec from our website HERE

Please remember that a fee does apply, and must accompany any documentation to prevent delays in processing your request.