I found out that my pets microchip isn’t even listed on a database, so how do I rectify that?

It is not uncommon for pets to be microchipped and not listed on a National database.      
The reasons for this are varied, but the most common are that the animal was imported from overseas, or it was chipped in NSW where they are not required to be listed Nationally. When people move out of NSW however, they find that their beloved pet is no longer protected via its microchip implant, as the NSW database caters for NSW only. This is easily rectified, but does require lodgement with us of a specific subscription form, & a small “one off” payment.  
Simply email your request to info@car.com.au  to have the appropriate document & “how to” details emailed back to you. Simply explain that you wish to have your pets microchip listed on our Register, ensuring that you quote your pets microchip number/s.