Change ownership

Please note, all ownership change requests must be submitted on the appropriate documentation, or via the on-line download form.

FEES: The current fee applicable for changing ownership is $12.00 (Inc. gst) and must accompany any "change of ownership" documents lodged for processing.

Ownership changes will only be processed once both the Declaration and payment has been received, ensuring it has also been signed by BOTH the current owner/s, and new owner/s.
If you are unable to obtain the signature of the owner currently listed on the database, please phone the office (03) 9706 3187 for further advice.

Once the change has been affected, the new owner will receive an Identification Acknowledgement confirming that the change has been processed. If any problems are noted, you will be contacted.

Please complete all areas of the form below, and post with your payment to:
Central Animal Records, 22 Fiveways Blvd, Keysborough, Vic. 3173, or fax with credit card details completed to (03) 9706 3198.
Change of Ownership form download
To ensure we have your record on file, enter your pet's Microchip ID (eg. 9560000012345)
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