C.A.R Online Subscriptions



Authorised implanters can now use the new, user-friendly Central Animal Records on-line data entry to enter new CAR subscriptions after implanting microchips. The on-line data entry is done using your authorised log-in access so if you do not have an authorised log-in please click HERE.
Once you submit the data, the registry will immediately upload the subscription allowing you to immediately print off Identification Certificates for owners. The owners will also receive their Identification Certificate via email or SMS text.
With your authorised log-in you can, of course, also view and verify all details of your previous microchip subscriptions, view and update your profile details and view all previous reunions of lost pets and owners that you have facilitated in the past.
To take you through how to enter a CAR subscription on-line after using your authorised log-in you can read an instruction sheet HERE or you can also view an instructional video below.